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Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for Xenogears Quiz.

#1 25.0%
You are Fei Fong Wong (The Contact, Anonalbe). Congrats! You are the main character of Xenogears! No doing anything... 'exciting' with Elly until marriage, O.K.?!
#2 20.0%
You are Kelvena (Water Element). How DO you see with your eyes closed all the time? o_o
#3 12.5%
You are Tolone (Wind Element). What happened to your sister to make her so wierd?
#4 7.5%
You are Krelian. Cut your hair once in a while, man! You look like a girl!
#5 5.0%
You are Citan Uzuki (Hyuga Ricdeau). Go learn how to cook! :-P
#6 5.0%
You are Dominia (Earth Element). Ramsus isn't your savior. You would have been better off sustaining someone else's life as thier food than trying to stop Fei & the gang.
#7 5.0%
You are Kahran Ramsus. Give it up, dude. Fei is stronger than you. Heck, he beat God, fer cryin' out loud!
#8 5.0%
You are Seraphita (Fire Element). What happaned to you to make you so wierd?
#9 2.5%
You are Bartholomew Fatima (Bart). <_< Do you REALLY need that eye patch?
#10 2.5%
You are Billy Lee Black. Do you think you could make things up with your father?
#11 2.5%
You are Deus (GOD!). What more is there to say, oh mighty master, except: "EET MEEEEE!"
#12 2.5%
You are Elhaym Van Houten (Elly). Don't just stand there, go chase your lover!
#13 2.5%
You are Id. Get a grip. I know a very good counselor that could help you get over your problems.
#14 2.5%
You are Jessiah Blanche (Jessie). Cut back on the booze! You are going to die from stroke if you keep it up!
#15 0.0%
You are Big Joe (Joe Balboa). Ok, Joe. Now repeat after me: "I am 4000 years old." "I am a sports star." "I am NOT Elvis."
#16 0.0%
You are Emeralda Kasim. Fei may not be Kim, but he's so damn close make sure to stick with him.
#17 0.0%
You are Miang (The Weapon). Only way for you to die is for all women to perish. What a pity. What a curse.
#18 0.0%
You are Ricardo Banderas (Rico). Sorry about Hammer, By the way, why are you still wearing the explosive collar?! O_o

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