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Over 20,000 selectors -- The top Where do you find yourself in the Royal Court? results, A Harry Potter Selector
Harry PotterThe top 5 Where do you find yourself in the Royal Court? results of 73 participants.

Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for Where do you find yourself in the Royal Court?.

#1 39.7%
Knight: You, brave knight are loyal to your ruler in every way, and are there for all classes of people to protect, comfort, and guide. The opposite gender finds you irresistable,so you are often the most popular of your friends. You are confident and proud, willing to fight any dragon, or giant in your way!
#2 23.3%
Ruler: You are the leader of your friends, and a smooth talker. You are found very likeable, with outstanding communication skills, so you can talk your way out of almost everything!
#3 19.2%
Advisor: You are the person behind the scenes, the one giving all the advice and are paid with a lot of thank yous and smiles. You do it out of the goodness of your heart. Though sometimes you get a little jealous when your friend who happens to be a ruler takes all the credit for something you contributed a lot to.
#4 9.6%
Beggar: You are what people call low-lives because of your constant irresponsibility. You are the one who always forgets money for food, and begs others for a share of their food or money. All of the classes higher than you including peasants wrinkle their noses in your direction. You better shape up! It's laziness that got you to this point you know! But you could easily change; just get off your lazy butt and make something of yourself!!
#5 8.2%
Peasant: You, dear peasant,, like the advisor, works behind the scenes to help your country (or group of friends) in every way you can. You are also found fairly attractive because that is how you think of yourself. People respect this confidance. Though you sometimes are unhappy with your ruler's decisions you are forced to obey out of loyalty and respect. The benefit of this class is, if you play your cards right, you can become a knight.

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