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MusicThe top 12 WHICH SAVES THE DAY SONG ARE YOU?? results of 1127 participants.

Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for WHICH SAVES THE DAY SONG ARE YOU??.

#1 28.0%
Banned From The Back Porch>> This is probably my least favorite song on the cd, i dunno why its just not as fun as the others but uh.. yeha im sure youre pretty cool!
#2 26.7%
All Star Me>>Youre generally pretty cool but you dont make sense sometimes
#3 18.0%
Do You Know What I Love The Most?>>you are super cool and youre gonna rule the world! But youre also slightly different from everyone else but in a good way because this song rocks!
#4 8.2%
The Last Lie I Told>>youre very special and snazzy
#5 5.9%
Shoulder To The Wheel>> beep beep!
#6 4.4%
Through Being Cool>>youre a dork, which isnt neccessarily a bad thing so dont get all pissy because....just dont
#7 3.3%
Holly Hox, Forget Me Nots>>youre a poor unfortunate soul
#8 2.7%
My Sweet Fracture>>you are way fun!
#9 1.3%
Third Engine>>you are a sex machine!
#10 1.1%
You Vandal>>youre just kinda mean
#11 0.3%
The Vast Spoils of America>>youre sorda a teenie bopper
#12 0.2%
Rocks Tonic Juice Magnet>>you kick ass! No matter what they say! Youre awesome and youre probably about as cool as they come!

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