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LoveThe top 4 Which Person I know are you most compatible with? results of 188 participants.

Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for Which Person I know are you most compatible with?.

#1 59.0%
Me, Mary Yoshamoto! You really like the outdoors and have many friends, and a lot of people can understand what you're thinking.
#2 29.3%
My brother, Akira Yoshamoto! You're not too popular and people don't understand you too well, but you do good things for them anyway!You seem to have two personalities:A fun loving side, and one super-serious one.You also usually feel slightly lonely. Did I mention you get into a lot of fights?
#3 8.5%
My best friend, Judy! Not many people understand you, but you're sorta popular anyway! You really kinda care mostly about yourself, but when someone threatens you or your friends, you'll defend them no matter what.
#4 3.2%
My brother's friend, Justin! You stick by your friend's side no matter what, but hanging out with a non-popular person makes you the same way, but you don't care!

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