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Over 20,000 selectors -- The top What doll are you most like? results, A Fashion Selector
FashionThe top 15 What doll are you most like? results of 205 participants.

Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for What doll are you most like?.

#1 18.0%
Your Brooke,Your sporty,but you like purple
#2 12.7%
Your Rebecca,you love purple!You get a lot of attention
#3 12.2%
Your Haley ,You have a lot of boys crushing on you
#4 11.2%
Your Brianna,Your the Leader!You have to admit it!You are kinda spoiled
#5 6.3%
Your Bethany,the sidekick!You have fun,just trying to be the leader
#6 6.3%
Your Mindy,You don't care what other people think of you
#7 5.9%
Your Kara,You love purple,and have great friends
#8 5.9%
Your Sally,You rule!Everyone knows you,and your so loyal
#9 4.9%
Your Cindy,Your friends know your weird!<
#10 4.9%
Your Marty,You are sensible,and observent
#11 4.4%
Your Lina You have a few friends,all loyal!Better than a lot of friends who don't care about you
#12 3.9%
Your Rosa,You love green!You have a secret crush,don't ya!You ar soooo loyal!
#13 2.0%
Your Sam,You sporty Girl you!
#14 1.5%
Your Britney,You are the boss,at your house that is!
#15 0.0%
Your Tessa Your just a regular kid,facing problems

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