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PersonalityThe top 10 Which of Deyanira's Powers Do You Possess? results of 33 participants.

Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for Which of Deyanira's Powers Do You Possess?.

#1 39.4%
~Dreamwalking: You love sleeping, and for good reason. In your dreams you can travel to distant lands...and make all your dreams come true. You are definitely a hopeful dreamer. It's that stupid thing called reality that keeps interfering, right?
#2 30.3%
~Precognition: Geez! What are you taking this quiz for anyway?!? You already knew what you were going to get! Calm, quiet, and collected, you just don't tell others that you know their exact, total, and ENTIRE future. Pity for them...but you know that too, don't ya?
#3 12.1%
~Shapeshifting: I don't know who you are right now, but it's a sure thing it will be changing soon. Your physical form transforms from person to person or from animal to animal. You like change, hate structure, and have so many personalities its confusing. WACKY is your keyword. Now you have so many personalities YOU probably can't even handle them all. Still, can you transform into a dragon? I always wanted to see one...
#4 6.1%
~Astral Projection: You can project your astral for across great distances and dimensions. Your lonely, and your power enabled you to do something interesting to past time. One day, you projected your astral form outside your body, and now you can't find your way back. You probably lost your true self a long time ago. You wander and wander, scaring those who think you're a ghost and always trying to find the you that you lost. You just wanted more of life...was that too much to ask for?!?
#5 6.1%
~Shadow Walking: No one notices you, so there isn't much to say. Your physical form can become a shadow itself. No one really sees much of you...and those who do might not be living anymore...
#6 3.0%
~Beastspeaking: Awwwwww! Aren't animals adorable? You seem to think so, and you even like them for friends more so than those stupid humans. You're a bit animal-like yourself. Golly, you talk to animals all the time! Then again, you're the only person that has them talking back to you...
#7 3.0%
~Teleportation: You're a curious individual who loves to explore the world, which your power enables you to do. You jump from her to there, and then over there! Sit down for a bit...and ley the rest of us slowpokes catch up, Your Hyperness!
#8 0.0%
~Cursing: You're a walking and talking time bomb. You're angry at the world for some reason or another, and you have the perfect power to get revenge! You can curse them with death or torture, for their is no line that you aren't willing to cross. You would make a good assassin...if you aren't one already, you ruthless little you!
#9 0.0%
~Healing: You heal the physical and mental wounds of others, you poor thing. If there ever was a nicer person, you are it. Nice, sweet, and caring, people naturally like your innocent demeanor. Compassionate little you is drawn to those who needs loads of help, and this sure does get you in a lot a trouble. You tend to drift to those even you can't help. All you wanted to do was help, right? Too bad it will eventually destroy you if you can't learn to take care of yourself as well.
#10 0.0%
~Telepathy: You shift through minds and find everyone's secrets. You're just WAY too manipulative. I don't know what is worse: you reading minds or you putting thoughts in our heads to control us. But you love them both, right?

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