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Over 20,000 selectors -- The top How Obsessed With Harry Potter Are You? results, A Harry Potter Selector
Harry PotterThe top 9 How Obsessed With Harry Potter Are You? results of 301 participants.

Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for How Obsessed With Harry Potter Are You?.

#1 26.6%
Wanna go a-stalking with us?
#2 20.3%
A fellow psycho!
#3 16.9%
Congratulations! You have a healthy obsession! (Now that's an oxymoron...well, you may be a moron.)
#4 13.6%
You've changed your name to Harry Potter, haven't you?
#5 11.6%
Just here for the hell of it?
#6 6.0%
Read the books a few more times, and you could have an obsession. Or not.
#7 3.3%
You really should see someone about that.
#8 1.7%
You've vagualy heard a mention of the name "Harry Potter" and thought you'd come and have a look-see at this selector, eh?
#9 0.0%
Please go look up the word "Obsess" in the dictionary. Apply it.

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