Mobile PortalScience & Nature MOBILE VERSIONWhich Biological Weapon are You?
Which of the following 16 results is your best match? This Science & Nature-related question has been anwered 5825 times. Get your individualized results at this selector quiz: Which Biological Weapon are You?. For optimal viewing, hold your mobile device horizontally.
1  Mustard Gas
2  Smallpox
3  Ebola/Marburg/Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever
4  Anthrax
5  Botulinum Toxin
6  Aflatoxin
7  Tularemia
8  Bubonic Plague
9  Brucellosis
10  Human Immunodeficiency Virus
11  Nerve Agents (Tabun, Sarin, VX, etc.)
12  Hepatitis
13  Salmonella
14  Q Fever
15  Viral Encephalitides
16  Ricin
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