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Which of the following 7 results is your best match? This Livestock-related question has been anwered 7936 times. Get your individualized results at this selector quiz: What farm animal are you most like? FIND OUT NOW!!!. For optimal viewing, hold your mobile device horizontally.
1  Cat- always solitary. You like to be comfortable and to have your minions do your bidding.
2  Horse- you are hardworking and don't mind being ordered about as long as you are fed. You take work as a necessity and take pride in it.
3  Chicken- you are inquisitive and a fast learner. Greedy yet friendly, when you are in a group you want to know who's boss and who isn't.
4  Duck- curious and carefree, you face a lot of dangers (foxes and cooking pots to name a few) and wisely paddle away.
5  Dog- man's best friend. Loyal, playful, and a pack animal at heart. However, still a carnivore after domestication and it show.
6  Cow- friendly, inquisitive, and not stupid, however you might appear- easygoing and sociable.
7  Sheep- a bit short of common sense, but a warm heart and you love to be safe in a flock.
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