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Which of the following 7 results is your best match? This Livestock-related question has been anwered 865 times. Get your individualized results at this selector quiz: If you were a horse, what breed would you be?. For optimal viewing, hold your mobile device horizontally.
1  Arabian: A smaller, fast, desert type horse with an elegant conformation.
2  Haflinger: A smaller rugged horse that is used for riding and driving.
3  Thoroughbred: The fastest horse in the world, with boundless energy, and a fast temper.
4  Cleveland Bay: A tall hunter type horse that is used to pull coaches and in hunting competitions.
5  Friesian: A stocky horse used for riding and driving that has a showy trotting action.
6  Quarter Horse: A popular ranch horse that is an excellent cow pony and sprinter.
7  Morgan: A smaller horse used for riding and driving and has a gentle temperament.
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