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Which of the following 22 results is your best match? This Food & Beverages-related question has been anwered 2226 times. Get your individualized results at this selector quiz: Coffee Selector. For optimal viewing, hold your mobile device horizontally.
1  Hawaiian Kona -- Flavor: Well-rounded. Body: Exceptionally smooth. Acidity: Low.
2  Celebes -- Flavor: Smooth, rich. Body: Full. Acidity: Low.
3  Brazilian -- Flavor: Sweet, Dry, Nutty. Body: Medium. Acidity: Mild.
4  Guatemalan -- Flavor: Spicy, rich, smooth. Body: Full. Acidity: High.
5  Papua New Guinean -- Flavor: Gently spicy, nutty, exotic. Body: Medium to full. Acidity: Medium.
6  Colombian French roast -- Flavor: Dark, smoky, slightly sweet, Body: Medium, Acidity: Almost none.
7  El Salvador -- Flavor: Sweet. Body: Medium. Acidity: mild.
8  Sumatra Mandheling -- Flavor: Earthy, unusual. Body: Full. Acidity: Low.
9  Colombian Supremo -- Flavor: Carmelly. Body: Medium. Acidity: Medium.
10  Costa Rican -- Flavor: Tangy, aromatic. Body: Medium to full. Acidity: High.
11  Sumatran French roast -- Flavor: Exotic, dark. Body: Very full. Acidity: Almost none.
12  Indian Mysore -- Flavor: Sweet, spicy, intense. Body: Medium to full . Acidity: Low.
13  Mexican Alturan -- Flavor: Nutty. Body: Medium. Acidity: Low.
14  Kenyan AA -- Flavor: Wine-like, fruity, delicate. Body: Medium. Acidity: High.
15  Guatemala Antigua -- Flavor: Spicy, slightly smokey. Body: Full. Acidity: Medium
16  Nicaraguan -- Flavor: Full, earthy. Body Medium. Acidity: Medium.
17  Yemen Moka Matari -- Flavor: Full, Rich, and Earthy. Body: Full. Acidity: Medium to low.
18  Ethiopia Mocha Harrar -- Flavor: Wine or fruit tones. Body: Medium. Acidity: Medium.
19  Ethiopian -- Flavor: Fruity, spicy, wine-like. Body: Medium. Acidity: High.
20  Ethiopian Yergacheffe -- Flavor: Fruity. Body: Full. Acidity: Medium to low.
21  Tanzania Peaberry -- Flavor: Wine-like. Body: Medium. Acidity: Low.
22  Zimbabwe Chipinga -- Flavor: Earthy. Body: Medium. Acidity: Medium
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