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BooksBooks Poll: What is YOUR Element?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "What is YOUR Element?" by Kishi-chan.

Choose from this list:

Earth- you are incredibly strong, and you may call up earthquakes, cause landslides etc.
Air- you control the winds and weather, and can see vast distances, air spirits come at your command.
Fire (very rare as most die) you control heat, lightning, and may congure flame itself, but with the added danger of incineration.
Water (you are probably a merperson) you control tides, rain, all water is at your command.
Earth/Air- you may be a healer or a weather worker, depending on your concern for peoples well being.
Earth/water- you have strength from eath, and peace from water. You are probably a green mage and spend your time growing things.
Earth/Fire- volcanos and earthquakes are your forte. Violent dangerous forces, a lot of brute strength, but a great deal of danger.
Air/Fire- a very powerful combination. Depending on your dispostion, you might be come a weather worker or healer, or a destructive fire mage, controling heat and flame.
Fire/water- rare for the elements are opposite, but these are powerful storm makers and sometimes healers. You might also be good at war spells.
Air/Water- a pure combo, you are a white mage. You specialize in scrying, healing or weather working.
Mage (all elements)- you may do many things, you must have an understanding of all the elements, and are capable of amazing feats.
Spiritual- very different from the others, you deal with pure energy and spirit beings. You are a very mystical person.
Black Mage- you deal with the black arts, necromancy, dark spirits ect. You may even be a demon yourself!