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graphRole Playing GamesRole Playing Games Poll: What Vagrant Story Monster are you
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "What Vagrant Story Monster are you" by Dragon Worshiper.

Choose from this list:

minotaur(half human half bull

human(basic weak thing i'm ashamed

zombie(creature that lurks in shadows longing for human flesh

ghost(the souls of those who could not go on

dragon(the most feard creature behold you are mighty

wyvern(a dragon with no arms and not as big as normal dragons

skeleton(exactly like a zombie but no flesh

silver wolf9a creature twisted mad by the powers of the dark

dark knight(a mighty armour that is without a body and is controlled by pure magic

blood lizard(lizardmen that are coverd with the blood of the dead

asura(the ruler of the dark you are the most respected


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