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Books Poll: Which Tamora Pierce God(dess) are you? Free Online Polls, Opinion Surveys, Fun Poll Voting Vote
BooksBooks Poll: Which Tamora Pierce God(dess) are you?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Which Tamora Pierce God(dess) are you?" by Ameko.

Choose from this list:

Mithos - The God of War, the Sun, Mage-craft, law and fire!
Great Mother Goddess - You have many forms and you just happen to be known by everyone!
Mynoss - Judge of the Underworld!
Shakith - Blind Goddess of the Seers!
Kyprioth - Witty and wily, the patron god of the Raka and the Copper Isles!
The Graveyard Hag - You govern graves and precede of gambling!
Gainel - The Dream King!
The Black God - You govern the realms of the dead!
Weiryn - The God of the Hunt!
The Green Lady - Minor Goddess of childbirth, healing and wells!
Balcus Starsworn - The God of Spring!
One of the Three Sorrows - Malady, Starvation and Slaughter! You live to reek Havoc!
The Raka Wind Gods - You govern almost all affairs of the Copper Isles!
Gunapi the Sunrose - Raka God of War and Molten Lava! OooOO~!
Unsoae - The Queen of Chaos, you live in the realms of Chaos!
Old White/Black Night - You're a God of wolves! Stern but passionate!
Queenclaw/Bitedown - The Cat Gods! You're independent and proud, and elegant!
Chrrik/Preet - Hyper and curious, you're a marmoset God!
Broad Foot/Paddlebill - You love to be different! You're a platypus god! Whee~!
Ghostwing/Nighteyes - Owl God! How fun! You love the night and you sleep all day! Wide-yed and alert!
Lord Mauler/Chrunchbone - You're a feirce and tempersome crocodile god!
You're just a plain, ordinary dull human! Yer no fun XP