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graphVideo GamesVideo Games Poll: What style of video game is right for you?
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RPG (Roleplaying game) - a game in which you control one or more characters (usually less that ten), who become gradually stronger as the game progresses. Replaying levels is a good idea in these games, as your character(s) grow sooner in the plotline that way.
Action - A game that is mostly there to occupy your time. It saves often, the plot is often shallow, and the action is intense. Items found are usually weapons, and only kept a short while.
Adventure - A game in which you embark on a large undertaking of some sort, usually with one character.
Strategy - This game places you in direct control of a horde of guys at once, and you build a base or home of some sort, using it and usually resources to create more guys to control.
Children's - A beginner's game. Perfectly suited for a youngster. Simple controls and easy gameplay.
Sports - A game that puts you in the position of an athlete (or perhaps a whole team). CAUTION: For the enthusiast only!
Puzzle - Usually no action or violence. Infinite lives mean you never go back very far when you lose, but the gameplay can be endlessly hard.
Multiplayer - best only when played as a group. Usually strategy, RPG, sports, or party games. Party games are meant to give idle hands something fun to do as a group (ie Mario Party, Shockwave InkLink).


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