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graphHumorHumor Poll: What type of student are you?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "What type of student are you?" by AnonymousE.

Choose from this list:

Dumb Jock: You+skanky cheerleader+injury=pizza delivery guy. Word to your mother!
Skanky Cheerleader: You know if you spent as much time studying as you did under the bleachers, you could probably be a really hot nerdy mcnerdster. Like, wow!
Nerdy McNerdster: Pointdexter, geek, nerd, take your pick. Don't worry, you will have the last laugh when they have to deliver pizza to your conference room.
Gangstah!: Hey fool, get up off my grill! Youse a gangstah, but gangstahs aren't on the internet taking quizzes, they are out dealing with real life issues. Ok, so I will re-label you, ghetto fabulous, or just plain trippin' boo.
Mr./Ms. Popular: Well hello, Mr./Ms. Popular! Come back in ten years and take this quiz again. I guarantee you will increase the Fattie McGee percentage.
School Bully: You like to bully people around, good for you!
Class Clown: *Farts*
Hottie Pants: You like to hang out with your wang out, so the whole school has heard.
Pothead: Well, what are you waiting for? Pass me some! I hate greedy potheads!.
Outcast: Hey you, get away from me. I wouldn't want the cool kids seeing me around you.
Fattie Mcgee: Seriously, how could you NOT know that answering yes to the donut question wasn't going to lead to this. Well, atleast you are proud of it. Fight the power!
Drama Queen/King: Hey, did that girl just stare you down? Oh no she di'nt!


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