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ComicsComics Poll: Strikers!
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Strikers!" by Beck.

Choose from this list:

Tesseract / Bryan Powel
Fall-Out / Lindsey Dreyer
Kick / Brenden Powel
Vapor / Louis Dreyer
Streak / Christopher Powel
Firefly / Daniel McNeil
Oracle / Julie Parapody
Astra / Tracy Becker
Melody / Nicole Francis
Bloodshed / Alexander Becker
Cinder / Thomas Francis
Superion / David McNeil
Voltage / Nick Powel
Magillicutty / Megan McGallager
Savant / David Lee Kurn
Tantrum / Corrine Massa
Surge / Carter Sanchez
American / Kayley Prince
Claws / Graig Higley
Blossom / Kelsey Lynne
Pinball / Dana Houghton
Kinetic / Lucas McNeil
ISW / Ileen Templeton
Goliath / Kyle Hennley
Sting Ray / Elizabeth Frank