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RecreationRecreation Poll: Moulin Rouge: Your Ideal Value
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Moulin Rouge: Your Ideal Value" by Josh Munson.

Choose from this list:

Truth - You believe truth to be the most important ideal. Without trust, everything falls apart. If you can't trust anyone, it's not a very good life.
Beauty - You believe Beauty is the best ideal, and it's probably close. No matter how shallow the relationship, beauty will keep drawing you back to the same person or place.
Freedom - You believe Freedom is the most important ideal. You can't stand being tied down. You must be free to fly!
Love - You believe love is the most important ideal, and it probably is. Above all else is love. Even if the person you love is uglier than the day is long, you love them anyway. Love and passion will direct your power.