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ReligionReligion Poll: Slavonic (Slavic) Spirit Selector
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Slavonic (Slavic) Spirit Selector" by Sara Elwright.

Choose from this list:

Domovoi - male spirit of the house, you are benevolent but often moan and groan
Domovikha - female spirit of the house and wife to Domovoi, you are also benevolent
Dvorovoi - spirit of the yard, you have a bad temper and you are afraid of pitchforks being stuck into the yard fence
Bannik - spirit of the bath, you have a fairly good temper. You will allow three groups of bathers to go before you, but the fourth turn is yours
Ovinnik - spirit of the barn, you have a nasty temper! You make wild noises and can laugh your head off for no reason
Kikimora - female domestic spirit, you help the mistress of the house with her work, but only if she is first diligent and hard working
Leshy - wild spirit of the forest, you are very territorial and lead people passing through your forest astray
Poludnitsa - spirit of the fields, you are a tall and beautiful girl, but under your appearance is a mischievous disposition
Vodyanoi - spirit of water, you are a nasty devil! You haunt the mill-dams and often gather with others under the mill-wheel
Rusalka - you drowned in life, and now haunt the waters. For someone to die in your arms is an agreeable sense of euthanasia
Northern Rusalka - you drowned in life, and haunt your waters. You capture passing people and submit them to cruel tortures