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ComicsComics Poll: Which Preacher character are you most like?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Which Preacher character are you most like?" by Rian O..

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Proinsias Cassidy - Our good Irish Vamp lives on a strict liquid diet (blood and booze) had a history of drug abuse (heroin) and has a thing for his best friend's girlfriend (Tulip). But no matter what, he really is a sweetie.
Reverend Jesse Custer- Also known as Preacher Jesse has been possessed by the bastard child of a demon and an angel named Genesis. He is in love with Tulip and is being hunted by the Saint of Killers.
Tulip-Raised by her father in a manner befitting a boy Tulip is deadly with a gun. She is also in love with Jesse.
God- he fled heaven after Genesis (the child of an angel and a devil was born). He is being hunted by Jesse
Arseface-He earned this name because after the death of Kurt Cobain he attempted (and failed) to kill himself via a shot to the head. The blast destroyed his face leaving him grotesquely malformed. He became a rock star and is an all-around nice guy but people just donít understand him.
Saint of Killers-exactly what it sounds like
Messiah-the half retarded child that resulted from line breeding among the decendants of christ
Herr Star-A German member of The Grail that desires to replace the messiah with a more competant substitute