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MoviesMovies Poll: Which Peter Lorre character are YOU?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Which Peter Lorre character are YOU?" by Lydia.

Choose from this list:

Hans Beckert (M) You're a pathological killer of children. Although a lynch mob captured you and was about to destroy you, your climactic, heart-wrenching, emotional speech stalled them long enough for the police to get there -- and turned the hearts of your audience out there in Movieland. ''M'' is said to be the first film noir, and is often credited with being responsible for Pete's typecasting.
Dr. Gogol (Mad Love) You're a brilliant and gifted surgeon. You frequent the Grand Guignol horror theatre, and have fallen madly in love with an actress there. However, she's already attached to an irresponsible, wimpy, but sweet pianist and doesn't really appreciate your being obsessed with her. It's up to you to change her mind. Until then, you can still worship the wax statue of her that you purchased from the theatre lobby...
Abbott (The Man Who Knew Too Much) Terrorists like you just don't exist anymore. You're jolly. You're polite. You know your Shakespeare and you love your nurse. And there's nothing you appreciate more than a ''touching scene.'' In fact, you're such a charming villain that it's very difficult to watch your death in the end of the movie. Congratulations for being a model terrorist!
Polo (I Was An Adventuress) You're good-natured, cheerful, and, well, simply adorable. Your cherubic appearance and guileless demeanor render it simple to be a kleptomaniacal pickpocket. (You try to restrain yourself, but you can't -- you're just a pathological case.) At any rate, you and your short-tempered pal Andre have good times together, traveling from place to place and cheating rich people out of their cash. And you're so cute that people tend to love you even after they figure out that the contents of their pockets have migrated to your fingers
Stephen Danel (Island of Doomed Men) You are an insanely wealthy diamond tycoon who rules an island of torture and slavery. However, you prefer to let your big dumb employees tend to the sordid task of flogging the slaves (though the lobby card designers for this movie would like us to think differently). You prefer to spend most of your time in your house, listening to Chopin played by your wife. Although you've tried everything you can think of to make her love you, she still despises you and wants you only for your money. You are suave and often calm, but you're extremely anal-retentive and easily agitated by anything imperfect. You also have a strong loathing of monkeys. And you're just the cutest thing one could ever hope to see at a public flogging.
Dr. Lorencz (The Boogie Man Will Get You) Being responsible for the duties of mayor, sheriff, coroner, loans, insurance, and notary public for the little town of Jinxville, as well as being chairman of the board of directors for Idlewilde Sanitarium, you have quite a bit of responsibility on your shoulders. Doesn't anyone else do anything in Jinxville? ''Oh, they vote once a year,'' is your reply. You are businesslike, authoritative, and scientific minded, and you like to make money. One of your dearest friends is Shickelina, the Siamese kitten you carry around in your coat pocket -- she has the most amazing instinct for crime and corruption. You are fond of Latin phrases.
Professor Karl Fenniger (You'll Find Out ) You seem to be a criminal schemer at first, but it's finally revealed that your really a nice guy who was beat up by the true villains
Johnny West (Three Strangers) A good-natured, philosophical alcoholic, your drinking problem has made you detached, apathetic, and insouciant. You're comfortable anywhere, from a rented apartment to underneath a bridge to a prison cell. You have a devoted girlfriend who is determined to keep you out of trouble and win your affection, and things work out rather well for you two in the end. You're the only one in the movie who doesn't lie, cheat, steal, and kill -- and for that, you got a happy ending (you're no better off than you were at the beginning, but you're no worse off, and that's something that most of the other characters in the movie couldn't say). Congratulations!
Joel Cairo (The Maltese Falcon) A polite, cultured, and effeminate jewel thief, you're quite confident and determined. That tough-guy Sam Spade can't discourage you. You're a sharp dresser, and wear gardenia scented perfume. You're very handy with the gentlemen. You're emotional and temper-tantrum prone. Sydney Greenstreet does not scare you, for you are not afraid to have a big screaming hissy fit in his face -- the bloated idiot. You'd probably be a sociable and friendly person if you weren't hanging out with disreputable characters like Gutman and Wilmer all the time, and could go five minutes without pulling that cute little handgun out -- is that bird statue really worth having to follow the obsequious Fat Man around and being roughed up by macho detective and femme fatale types all the time?
Ugarte (Casablanca) You are a petty criminal with ''letters of transit'' obtained through the murder of two German couriers. You plan to make your fortune by selling them to the highest bidder. But the best laid plans of mice and men...
Sergeant Berger (The Cross of Lorraine) You're a sadistic Nazi sergeant working at a P.O.W. camp. You just radiate nastiness and cruelty. Powerful despite your small stature, you can easily wallop someone twice your size. You were bad in the first place, but uppance must definitely come to people who do unspeakable things to Gene Kelly -- you just can't get away with that. You're slaughtered by a stab in the neck, adding a little more to the already copious gore in this movie.
Fritz Bercovy (The Constant Nymph) You're sweet, innocent, and somewhat naive. You're also a little uptight, but endearingly so. You're very wealthy and own ten theaters, and you love to buy things for your spouse. Although you're married happily and are expecting a baby (creating things is so much fun, isn't it!), she just doesn't pay you enough attention. One gets the feeling she likes you for what's in your wallet more than anything else. But don't worry, you're quite the charmer -- someone is bound to come along who appreciates you more.
Mr. Moto (Think Fast, Mr. Moto, and 7 others) Congratulations, you're the Japanese James Bond (though you don't get as many chicks)! You're always calm and try to show very little emotion. Everybody is always impressed with how incredibly cool you are. You know just about everything, from mixing drinks to appraising antiques. You're a master of disguise, and people are often quite certain they've finally killed you, only to find that you've been a step ahead of them the whole time. Nobody can outfox you -- you're the 'World's Foxiest Detective!'
Victor Emmric (The Verdict) I say, Victor -- if you're not with a new girl you're with an old bottle.'' You love wine, women, and song, and indulge in all three whenever you can. You're completely innocent, placed in the movie as a ''red herring''-- all you do is wander around singing to yourself, cracking jokes, drinking wine, and being quite handy with the ladies (it's safe to call you a ''playboy''). You're bored by conflicts and just wish to have a good time with your friends. You're also very fond of painting and sketching. Congratulations -- you're the only one in the movie who has any fun!
Hillary Cummins (The Beast With Five Fingers) Moody and introspective, you spend most of your time in the library. You're really cool, but the combined effects of your being abused by your jerky boss, irritated by the idiots around you, your profoundly embarrassing name (what WERE your parents thinking?! Life ain't easy for a boy named Hillary...), and your obsession with your books caused you to snap and rig up a clever scheme to fool people into believing your dead boss's severed hand was strangling people, when it was really you who did it. However, you eventually went mad enough to believe you were actually seeing the severed hand crawling about, which made for a pretty cheesy movie but some really cool special effects.
Cornelius Leyden (The Mask of Dimitrios) You're a curious and charming mystery writer, researching the life of a supposedly deceased criminal. Unfortunately, your intellectual pursuits lead you to trouble -- and Sydney Greenstreet, of course. His character, Mr. Peters, however, doesn't frighten you -- you never really take him seriously. You don't mind going to sleep in the same train car as him, and his uninvited presence in your hotel room makes you more irritated than anything else. Fearless little Cornelius! You love cats, and you're quite friendly and sociable. Even after Mr. Peters menaced/annoyed you through the whole movie, you still describe him as ''my friend -- well, he wasn't my friend, but he was a nice man!'' Class.