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PersonalityPersonality Poll: Personality Type
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Personality Type" by delian.

Choose from this list:

ISTJ: The Guardian Inspector
ISFJ: The Guardian Protector
INFJ: The Idealist Counselor
INTJ: The Rational Mastermind
ISTP: The Artisan Crafter
ISFP:The Artisan Composer
INFP: The Idealist Healer
INTP: The Rational Architect
ESTP: The Artisan Promoter.
ESFP: The Artisan Performer
ENFP: The Idealist Champion
ENTP: The Rational Inventor
ESTJ: The Guardian Supervisor
ESFJ: The Guardian Provider
ENFJ: The Idealist Teacher
ENTJ: The Rational Fieldmarshal