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graphMusicMusic Poll: punk rock style selector
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "punk rock style selector" by god.

Choose from this list:

straightedge/sXe(youth of today)
oi!(sham 69, oi polloi)
anarcho/peace punk(crass, conflict..)
pop-punk(rancid, blink 182, green day, etc)
emo(You and I, Poison the Well, etc.)
goth(virgin prunes, bauhaus, theatre of hate)
california hardcore(dead kennedys, blackflag, x)
deathrock(TSOL, misfits)
glam-punk(new york dolls)
right wing/fascist punk(skrewdriver)
not punk
rivethead(suicide, throbbing gristle, lard...)


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