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AnimeAnime Poll: Which Digimon RPG character are you like?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Which Digimon RPG character are you like?" by SignOfJupiter.

Choose from this list:

Andrew Stage: He was a normal kid until he and his 5 friends were chosen to save the Digital World. He sports goggles and a red cape, and has a laid-back attitude. However, he's very serious about his job.
Teresa Arispe: She's just plain crazy. Sure she's a super-genius, but she'd rather goof off.
Rick: Rick is very mature for his age. He realizes that he has a great responsibility to save the Digital World.
Rika Nonaka: Rika is an anime-loving girl who is always cheerful.
Taki: Taki has a long and complicated past. She grew up in the Digital World. At first she thought that the kids were the enemy, but she's joined them to fight against the true threat.
Frankie: Frankie is a video game guru. He acts crazy like Teresa, but in reality is also highly intelligent. He also becomes easily attracted to females.
Gold: The leader of the evil Sixes, he will stop at nothing to destroy the Digital World. He's really wacked in the head. In a bad, bad way.
Vio: Vio is Gold's closest advisor, because she has the brain of a supercomputer. However, she is completely devoid of emotion.
Moka: Moka has an insane crush on Gold, one that's not returned. She always tries to make Gold feel better but he totally shuns her.
Red: Red cares only for fighting. He lives to fight, and is a sore loser.
Blu: Even though Blu is a little kid, he has a mighty vicious streak. His idea of "playing" isn't quite normal.
Pink: Pink has a street rapper attitude, but is a little dense.