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Role Playing GamesRole Playing Games Poll: SkySong's Character Quiz
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "SkySong's Character Quiz" by SkySong6161.

Choose from this list:

Sephira - A certain ex-thief with bad drinking habbits. Well known by many, but few know her close and personal, and she's been known to omit certain things about herself that upon closer inspection seem extreamly suspecious...
Luna Aino - A 9,000 year old girl stuck in the body of a fourteen year old who also happens to be possesed by a demon and has been hunted by her family becuase of such. On top of this add open wounds that will never heal and you get one high strung girl. Do not pass Go, do not collect $200.
Amina Galen - All that court frivalty has to be for SOMETHING, Amina tends to hide a somewhat wry look at the world behind a polite smile. The mask that's firmly in place keeps her from getting what she actually wants: a close friend or lover.
Hope Perdita - Having to sell yourself for a living does strange things to people's phyces, and Hope's no exception. More than a little brash and rude, she still manages to get her point across, and can be trusted to say what she means... even if what she means isn't nessecarily what others want to hear.
Shiva Amana – A fourteen year old necromancer. Everything bad seems to come her way, and no one helps her, yet expects her to deal with it. Her friends are weird, her mother is clueless. It’s hard to be all alone…
Kiara Ran - Innocent evil anyone? As strange an oxymoron as that may seem, it's oddly fitting in Kiara's case. She doesn't really understand that what she's doing is considered wrong.
Gemini Stella - Greatly un-appreciated, and generally considered a nusiance by most of the WoT, the "den mother" nonetheless keeps the domestic affairs of the WoT in order... and she also keeps them fed.
Chaos - Demon from another universe? Currently inhabiting the body of one Luna Aino. She plans on making a jailbreak soon and wreaking - ahem- chaos on Endiness as soon as she possibly can. And strange enigma in herself, -she- doesn't even seem to know why she does what she does most of the time.
Regina Vesper – Cool and collected, Regina tends to hold most people at a good arms length, and can be depended upon for an objective view of things. It’s really too bad about the phyco goddess that she has to share her mind with.
Eric Warner – Friendly and outgoing, Eric tries to get along with just about everyone he can, and is known as an outrageous flirt. Despite his occasionally flippant exterior, he’s a dedicated young man, whose troubles tend to stem from those he befriends, and his frustration at being unable to help them.
Eva Fellowes – Brash, crude, and rude are some of the nicer things said about Eva. While she doesn’t give a damn about a lot of things, she’ll drop whatever she’s doing in a heartbeat whenever Regina calls her. Devoted to her best friend (and secret crush) to a fault, Eva would do anything for her…
Blake Adamo – A young collage student from a wealthy family. He’s extremely generous, perhaps too generous. He’s been known to go to great lengths to help those he knows well… and even those people that he’s only recently acquainted with. A little emotional, he’s still every girls dreamboat… too bad he’s gay.