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BooksBooks Poll: Neverwhere selector
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Neverwhere selector" by Hotohori.

Choose from this list:

Richard Mayhew-Your closest match is a good-natured but bumbling man who has been tossed into the hectic world of London Below. You are supportive and friendly, and deal well with your problems. You are also extremely klutzy. Nevertheless, you are a hero when called upon.
Door-Your closest match is an extremely mature young girl with strange power. You are mature beyond your years due to tragedy around you, yet remain startlingly innocent. You are apathetic at times, but can be very caring if you get to know a person.
The marquis de Carabas-Your closest match is a trickster and a cad from London Below. You are charming and clever, and use these traits to your advantage. Greedy and opportunistic, you sieze any situation that arises and milk it for what it's worth. You can, however, be supportive and helpful as well.
Hunter-Your closest match is a tough and mysterious bodyguard. You live for danger and have a very reckless attitude about life. You are also very noble and live by an honor code, though it may be twisted. Also, you are jaded and weigh your priorities in strange ways.
Mr. Croup-Your closest match is the brains in a pair of deadly mercenaries. Clever and calculating, you enjoy money and will do anything to get it. You manipulate those around you, taking sick pleasure in their torment. You are also extremely bossy, and desperately need to have your way.
Mr. Vandemar-Your closest match is the brawn in a pair of deadly mercenaries. You are quiet and very blunt, preferring to get straight to the point. You are gluttunous in both your consumption of food and your love for violence. Nothing thrills you more than death. However, you aren't sadistic because you don't taunt your enemies. You have an efficient work ethic.
Islington-Your closest match is a fallen angel. You have a serene attitude towards life and like to stay on top of things. Extremely elegant, you are charming and dazzling. However, you are also ruthless and deep down very cruel and bitter, scheming for your nefarious plot to come true.
Anaesthesia-Your closest match is a rat-speaker from London Below. Quiet and unassuming, you are very shy and don't like to take the iniative. You tend to stay in the shadows, but when called upon, you are a hard worker. You are helpful and kind, yet tend to be quite timid.
Old Bailey-Your closest match is a knowledgeable old salesman. You are easy-going and enjoy life for what it is. Very realistic, you don't have any dilusions. However, you are knowledgeable and helpful, yet have a trace of remoteness.
Jessica Bartram-Your closest match is Richard's former fiancee. You are controlling and manipulative, and are quite a control freak. You insist on having everything your way, which scares some people. However, you are very sophisticated and charming, making some attracted to you anyway.
Lamea-Your closest match is a soul-stealing velvet. You are mysterious and alluring, and tend to be very attractive. You play this for all it's worth for your own means. You can be quite deceptive and ruthless, but your seduction is for survival, not any manipulative scheme.
Varney-Your closest match is a tough mercenary. You are one of the best and are very tough, even legendary. However, you aren't the biggest fish in the sea and can get extremely cowardly when faced with danger. Your bravado is a mask for your incompetence.