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Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Napoleonic Era leaders" by thedailyconservative.

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Napoleon- the emperor of France. I salute your military genius but could you do better at Waterloo?

Joachim Murat- The greatest of cavalry commanders alongside men like Ney and Grouchy. Though talented Murat was a horrible commander for combined arms

Ney- Bravest of the brave

Duke of Wellington- Master of Defense, though not loved by men. The Iron duke who was a solid defender, good job on winning at Waterloo

Jean Lannes- Napoleon's friend who died too early. Napoleon wept for his death

Horatio Nelson- Defeated Napoleon at sea but died while fighting at Trafalgar

Louis Berthier- Though not a good leader of soldiers, without him Napoleon's order of the day would not reach the field


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