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Arts & ArtistsArts & Artists Poll: Which one of my characters are you?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Which one of my characters are you?" by Mk Farmer.

Choose from this list:

Jerint Rou- A casual and careless bounty hunter with a short fuse and a dark sense of humor.
Vincent LeTroy- A confused and troubled Immortal schitsophrenic.
Nagatsu Yamito- A laid-back and blind Dragon Immortal of the Wind and Thunder element.
Dherig Joeslfloan- A happy-go-lucky scythe wielding Tevellar (rat-like race) with a sense for high adventure.
Kailth Tokaish- A stern yet playful Tevellar. She is Captain if the Guard, and a bit harried by those who think her not right for the job.
Marevoy Tshilden- A silent half Paint dog, half Harrier Hawk Immortal. When she does speak, people listen.