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BooksBooks Poll: Harry Potter House of Wax
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Harry Potter House of Wax" by Mayhem the BrainChylde.

Choose from this list:

Harry Potter- you are easy to like and gain popularity easily
Hermione Granger- you are brainy and concerned
Ron Weasley- you are most likely to not be in the spotlight
Percy Weasley- you are very strict and like to abide by the rules
Draco Malfoy- you'll do anything to stay on top of the crowd- even betray your friends
George Weasley- you are funny and likeable
Fred Weasley- you like to pull pranks
Bill Weasley- you like mystical creatures
Vincent Crabbe- you aren't importent but you are reasoureful
Albus Dumbledore- you are totally in charge
Rubeus Hagrid- you like animals and being outdoors
Rita Skeeter- your sneaky and will do anything for attention
Minerva McGonagall- you are strict, but kind and like griffins
Servus Snape- you are cold and ruthless, you also want to teacher Defense against the Dark Arts
Voldermort- you are sly and cunning but you are also bitter about a past loss
Peter Pettigrew- you are a snivilly coward, sorry.
Remus Lupin- you are an excellent judge of character
Gilderoy Lockhart- you are full of yourself
Pansy Parkinson- you are bitter about many things
Cho Chang- you are popular and someone famous has a crush on you
Viktor Krum- you are constantly in the spotlight and thus you are slightly bitter
Fluer Decalour- you are concieted but still care for others and their feelings
Cedric Diggory- you are valient and kind, also always willing to help a friend in need
Norbert- your personality
Fluffy- you have multiple personalities