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WeirdWeird Poll: LCHS Freshman FEMALE Selector
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "LCHS Freshman FEMALE Selector" by Archangel.

Choose from this list:

Melissa-- If you get this result... then seek medical aid before it's too late. Years of horror/gory movies have turned you into a genocidal lunatic. You have at least three personalities, and excel at scaring the public. You're also perverted and sick. Despite all that, you're a constant source of entertainment. Unlike most, you were BORN insane, you're parents being very strange themselves. You're addicted to Monty Python and Fight Club, and are one of the smartest people in your grade. You always make people work for themselves, not liking to give away answers for free to those who haven't done their work. A little crazy, but over all, a good person. You're always there to listen.
Bri-- You're a girl who loves a good dirt bike and an adventure outdoors. You're sarcastic and brash, but can always be turned to when someone wants to have fun. If your friend stays indoors on a good day, you kidnap her and take her on long walks outside. You're a bit scatterbrained, but are smart enough to see right from wrong. You stand up for others no matter what if they are being harmed.
Katelyn-- You live for the moment, rather than look to your future. Regardless of the consequences, you'll have fun if you want to, which can get you in trouble. You are over-emotional and change boyfriends in a blink of an eye. You're possessive and are jealous over every little thing. You're a source of constant laughter and joy, and most of your school day is talking, yelling at teachers, and making out on top of lockers.
Michele-- You, Melissa and Jessica want nothing more than to take over the world. You are unique, because unlike them, YOU can call on the powers of penguins and squirrels to kill your enemies. You claim you were driven insane by Jessica when she cut up your glitter pens when you were 7 years old. To this day, you hold a grudge against her. You can play spoons as instruments, and it's pretty safe to say that you've gone mentally insane over the years. If you can't take over the world, you'll be happy to direct the next "Fight Club" movie.
Jessica-- Aloof, bitchy and irritable, you're known as the quiet lone wolf. You guard your emotions well, but you worry for others a lot. You have a good memory, able to remember text from books and lectures for years, making you 'a human encyclopedia' as your friends call you. Like Mel, you've been turned insane by gory movies and video games. To others, you seem like you couldn't care less about people, but on the inside, if someone wrongs you or your loved ones, you will fight for them no matter what, even though you hate to show your feelings. Intelligent, but very patronizing and bossy to others. You can't understand people very well.
Jill-- You laugh for no apparant reason, even if the room is dead quiet. It takes you a while to get jokes, but when you do, you'll laugh heartily, even if it's hours later. Strange dances and walks make you completely unique from anyone else around you. You have a smile that will light up a room, and you'll try to make everyone happy.