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BooksBooks Poll: JinYong Main Character
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "JinYong Main Character" by Sushu.

Choose from this list:

Hu Fei : The older and wiser one (Xue Shan)
Hu Fei: The younger and more adventurous one. (Fei Hu)
Guo Jing: honorable and steady. A little dense but a hard worker. (She Diao)
Yang Guo: "forbidden love? bah!" (Sheng Diao)
Zhang WuJi: easily swayed but with strong morals. (Yi Tian)
Di Yun: like a denser Count of Monte Cristo. (Lian Cheng)
Xiao Feng: he knows the truth and will act to uphold it. (Tian Long)
Duan Yu: a lovesick prince. (Tian Long)
Xu Zhu: a confused monk. (Tian Long)
Li something: a spirited girl (Bai Ma)
Wei Xiao Bao: a rascal, but at least he's true to his friends. (Lu Ding)
Lin Hu Chong: honor and friendship. (Xiao Ao)
Shi Po Tian: smart and untainted by society. (Xia Ke)
Chen Jia Luo: solemn and cautious leader. (Shu Jian)
Yuan Cheng Zhi: always has a definite goal. (Bi Xue)
Yue Nv: savage girl of the mountains. (Yue Nv)
the couple in Yue Yang Dao