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graphDisneyDisney Poll: Aladdin Selector
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Aladdin Selector" by ~Purple~.

Choose from this list:

Aladdin- Once just a poor street-rat who had to steal to survive, finding the magic lamp has changed your life forever! You tend to worry about what people think about you, especially the beautiful princess Jasmine. You don’t want to disappoint anyone (You sometimes lie to them so they like you better). Don’t worry! You’re the hero in the story—you’re going to get the girl! :)
Jasmine- You are a beautiful princess, and you have it all—but you don’t want it all! You just want to be a normal girl who can choose who you want to marry. Eventually, you are allowed to choose, and you choose Aladdin even though you get really mad when he lies to you! You are one of the infamous Disney Princesses; little girls all around the world adore you! (I used to be one of them ^_^)
Abu- You are the little monkey that follows Aladdin around everywhere. You like treasure a lot and often steal things. When Aladdin was poor this used to help him; you even stole the lamp for him! But your stealing habits also tend to get you and others in trouble. You are the “cute little animal” of this movie (every Disney movie has one!).
Iago- You are Jafar’s parrot, and you looove to be sneaky. You do whatever benefits you the most…usually. But deep inside, you do have a good side. Eventually, you realize doing the right thing makes your life a lot better than being evil. Of course, you’d never admit this…
Jafar- You are the evil, snazzy Jafar, whose cleverness (as well as hypnotizing snakestaff) has gotten him into the position of the sultan’s advisor, but your striving for power brought on your destruction. You are the average Disney villain: evil through and through. You are the coolest Disney villain, that is true, but still a villain nonetheless, and bad guys never win. Sorry.
Sultan- You are the cheery old sultan who is quite naïve and is easily deceived. Okay, I’ll give you some credit—most of the time you were deceived because of Jafar’s snakestaff. But you can be serious when needed. You are happy for Jasmine and very proud of her.
Razul- You are the palace guard who is very full of himself. You love to see criminals brought to justice. The worse the punishment, the more you like it. You take pride in the criminals you’ve caught. Sorry, but you’re really not a likable character at all. At least you are a good guy and not a villain. :)
Genie- You are the magical Genie. You like to crack a joke whenever you can, or make a situation light. But when it comes down to it, you always know what the right thing to do is, and you try to tell Aladdin what it is. You are extremely glad to have your freedom!
Cassim- You are the king of thieves as well as Aladdin’s father. You used to try to do anything for treasure. But now Aladdin has taught you that family is more important than treasure. You still can’t see yourself as a “good guy,” though.
Saluk- You are the strongest of the 40 thieves, and you hate the king of thieves, thinking that you, not him, should be the leader. But unlike Cassim, who wants all his men to benefit, you only do things for yourself. You are ruthless, doing anything and everything to get what you want. Sorry, but people like you never get good endings. In your case, your greed had turned you to gold.
Karate Guy (from the 40 thieves)- You are a minor character, the thief who does karate. You aren’t afraid of anything and are always ready to fight. You live for the excitement and thrill of stealing. However, this lifestyle doesn’t bring a good ending for you—your boat turns to gold and sinks to the bottom of the sea.
Chubby Guy (from the 40 thieves)- You are a minor character, the thief who is chubby. You’re not too smart and usually just do as people tell you. In a fight, your big belly comes in handy; you bounce people off of it (only in Disney movies)! However, the stealing lifestyle doesn’t bring a good ending for you—your boat turns to gold and sinks to the bottom of the sea.
The triplets (from the 40 thieves)- You are minor characters, the thieves who are triplets. You are great at teamwork, and can juggle well too. Your enemies have trouble keeping track of you! However, the stealing lifestyle doesn’t bring a good ending for you—your boat turns to gold and sinks to the bottom of the sea.
The cave of wonders- You are a minor character, the cave that the lamp is inside. You do not like to be disturbed. You just like to sleep away, never to be found. You are also easily upset. Many fear you because you are big and scary. Aladdin walks inside you—right into your mouth!
Rajah- You are Jasmine’s pet tiger, and also her best friend. Although you cannot speak, you are very loyal to Jasmine and also very protective of her. At first you disliked Aladdin, but eventually got used to him. You are one of the “cute animals” that every Disney movie must have.
The Peddler- You are the guy at the beginning of the Aladdin movies who sings the “Arabian Nights” song. You are also the storyteller. You will do anything to get people interested so they will buy something from you. You are also very friendly and extremely social, even to strangers.


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