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PoliticsPolitics Poll: Are you a feminist? If so, what kind?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Are you a feminist? If so, what kind?" by Becca.

Choose from this list:

Anti-feminist. Some anti-feminists believe that men and women are already equal in society and that feminism is therefore misguided and a waste of time. Others believe that men are inherently superior to women and deserve their higher degree of social status and power. This type of anti-feminist sees feminism as evil or as a threat to the natural order of things. Famous anti-feminists include Rush Limbaugh, who coined the term ''feminazi;'' Phyllis Schlafly, the conservative campaigner against the Equal Rights Amendment; and Christina Hoff Sommers, author of The War Against Boys.
Liberal feminist. Liberal feminists are staunch feminists--but of a more moderate variety than socialist or radical feminists. They believe women are disadvantaged in society and that sexism is a serious problem. They think this can be solved by legally reforming the existing system, making education and the media less misogynistic, and protecting people's individual rights and privacy. Famous liberal feminists include Betty Friedan, founder of the National Organization for Women; Naomi Wolf, author of The Beauty Myth; and Jessica Valenti, an up-and-coming feminist blogger.
Socialist feminist. Socialist feminists believe that women are systematically oppressed in society and view this as interrelated to the systematic oppression of the working class in a capitalist economy. They support a revolutionary end to patriarchy, capitalism, and other forms of domination such as white supremacy. They tend to be civil libertarians on matters of sexual politics and support working in coalitions with other leftist groups. Famous socialist feminists include Barbara Ehrenreich, author of Nickel and Dimed; Donna Haraway, the influential postmodern theorist; and bell hooks, a proponent of intersectional feminism.
Radical feminist. Radical feminists believe that the patriarchy systematically oppresses women through sexual violence and the social construction of gender, and that this original oppression underlies all other forms of injustice in the world. They are usually anti-capitalist but often view other leftist groups as being male-dominated and therefore untrustworthy. They support the abolition of prostitution and pornography and the liberation of women from all patriarchal gender roles. They are also frequently critical of transsexuality and transgenderism. Famous radical feminists include Robin Morgan, editor of the Sisterhood Is Powerful anthology; Andrea Dworkin, the outspoken anti-pornography activist; and Sheila Jeffreys, a notable contemporary critic of prostitution and transsexuality.