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BooksBooks Poll: Dead Poet's Society
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Dead Poet's Society" by Louise_Plum.

Choose from this list:

Sylvia Plath You are brilliant, sensitive and sad- perhaps even suicidal. You think dying is an art.
Anne Sexton You are sad, but elegant and interesting- enough to inspire a small following.
Lord Byron You are a romantic, dark figure who inspires many rumors and legends.
Edgar Allen Poe You are moody and mysterious. To others, you appear peculiar and even somewhat spooky.
Jim Morrison You are spiritual, sexy and somewhat of a troublemaker. You are very controversial and you may even be musically inclined.
Allen Ginsberg You are intelligent, political and controversial. You experiment with your art and art is your life.
W.B Yeats You are interested in magick and mythology- they are where your roots lie. You tend to fall in love hard and with one person and are devoted (sometimes hopelessly) throughout your life.
Shakespeare You are lyrical, romantic and passionate about your work. You live for drama and tragedy will never get the best of you, because you will turn it into art.