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ReligionReligion Poll: Which evil asshole are you?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Which evil asshole are you?" by Jay.

Choose from this list:

"Morah Etti" Raskin - You a power-hungry Israeli Oklahoman who loves torturing a select few people.
Mrs. Brennan/McDonald - You are an age obsessed businesswoman-turned math teacher who everyone secretly despises.
Matt Brower - You are a stupid person who goes through 15 girlfriends every month and is nice to people you want to be nice to.
Evan Anslow - You are a filthy rich retard who treats people as possessions and comes up with the lamest reasons to hate people.
Elizabeth Grasso - You are a goody-two shoes friend of the administration who secretly prays to Hitler every night. You cry when people call you a racist. You hate Jews for no reason.
Satan - Nuff said.
Hitler - Don't even get me started.
John Kerry - You are a hypocritical lying Democrat who can kill by looking at someone with your hideous face. You remind me of Frankenstein.
Ed Borroughs - You are a 90 year old contractor who could be Ken Lay's grandfather. You like stealing money from innocent people.
You failed. You are NOT evil.