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Mythology Poll: What kind of Dragon does your personality most relate to? Free Online Polls, Opinion Surveys, Fun Poll Voting Vote
graphMythologyMythology Poll: What kind of Dragon does your personality most relate to?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "What kind of Dragon does your personality most relate to?" by Eri.

Choose from this list:

Fire Dragon: You breathe fire and are usually red, orange, or yellow. Characteristics: Average size with a pretty large wingspan. Leatherey wings. Love treasure and live in caves.
Ice Dragon: breathes ice that can instantly freeze somthing and are usually blue, lavender, or white. Characteristics: Smaller but usually a lot of spikes. Usually live in clans on frozen lakesides. More aggressive then a lot of the other dragons.
Venom Dragon: Shoots out venom darts from mouth and are usually green or dark purple. Characteristics: Pretty small with batlike wings. Long necks and usally live on mountains in nests. Sometimes have beak like noses.
Earth Dragon - Color: Green, Brown. Breath: none. Other Characteristics: VERY strong. not as strong as dark though. Loves growth of things. Does not have wings and if it does very small ones. Biggest dragon besides dark dragon. Nicest dragon but can be mean.
Lightning Dragon: Shoots out lightning and is usually blue, yellow or grey. Characteristics: smallest of dragons. Fast and arent scared of humans. Usually are in pairs or small groups because of their weaker strength.
Dark Dragon: Always a mix between another kind of dragon and a dark dragon. Takes on that dragons characteristics except they live alone and are extremely big and strong. Feared all over the dragon world. Very rare.
Mix Dragon: a mix between two kinds of dragons. Takes on both of the characteristics.
Water Dragon: Breathes water and is usually blue, white or grey. Characteristics: Smaller and usually dont have front arms. Live in underwater caves and usually only come out of the water in the night.


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