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BooksBooks Poll: Which of my story people are you?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Which of my story people are you?" by TheLaughingGoth.

Choose from this list:

Zephyr--the vampire prince of night creatures. Suave, sexy, romantic, but also very responsible and genuinely concerned about the happiness of others. A natural leader and all around good person.
Kristal--Zephyr's consort. Strong, independant, and interested in helping others. Kristal is Major Arcanum Three, The Emperess.
Deke--one of Cestiss' vampire assistants. Cynical, sarcastic, but a good guy underneath the hard surface. Stubborn and competitive with a hot temper.
Amir--Cestiss' other assitant, vampire child to Deke. Bubbly, optimistic, and loved by most people. Not aggressive in nature, but makes up for it in sheer tenacity.
Cestiss--Zephyr's necromancer and ex-lover. Strong-willed, wise, but sometimes manipulative. Tends to get jealous easily.
Cecil--a knight sent to kill Zephyr, engaged to Ariel. Follows rules without question, sometimes shortsighted, but genuinely wants to do good. Black and white view of the world.
Ariel--mage sent to kill Zephyr. Not quite as hard for the rules as Cecil, but has a strong sense of justice. Likes hand to hand combat as well as magic.
Darien--an elf sent to kill Zephyr, Cecil's best friend. Paranoid, nervous, and has difficulty trusting others. Father was killed by vampire, yet Darien wound up falling in love with one and becomeing pariah for it.
Cort--a calvaryman sent to kill Zephyr along with Cecil. Joker, easy-going, sometimes annoying. Loves women and drinking (who doesn't?)
Ivy--Cecil's faerie helper, a pixie. Doesn't understand humans well, dislikes cities. Nosy sometimes, and gullible.
Dirge--a ghoul, general and friend to Zephyr. Level-headed, practical, and cautious. He's sometimes self-conscious.
Samara--werewolf hunter and friend to Kristal. Small but fierce warrior, brave. Was bitten by a wereshark.
Pisces--evil older brother of Zephyr. Sociopathical, twisted, and polite oddly enough. Wants to rule in Zephyr's place.
Flora--slave girl from Nios, Major Arcanum Thirteen, Death. Hot-tempered, stubborn, and protective of friends. Persued by Pisces and Radu.
Radu--shadowmage, vampire, and former lord of Tangen. Crafty, manipulative, and greedy. Wants world domination and Flora.
Cirrus--eleven year old half vampire and prophet, daughter of PIsces. Practical, cold, and wise. Not what she seems.