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Role Playing GamesRole Playing Games Poll: Xenogears Quiz
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Xenogears Quiz" by Blankety Blank Man.

Choose from this list:

You are Fei Fong Wong (The Contact, Anonalbe). Congrats! You are the main character of Xenogears! No doing anything... 'exciting' with Elly until marriage, O.K.?!
You are Citan Uzuki (Hyuga Ricdeau). Go learn how to cook! :-P
You are Elhaym Van Houten (Elly). Don't just stand there, go chase your lover!
You are Billy Lee Black. Do you think you could make things up with your father?
You are Ricardo Banderas (Rico). Sorry about Hammer, By the way, why are you still wearing the explosive collar?! O_o
You are Emeralda Kasim. Fei may not be Kim, but he's so damn close make sure to stick with him.
You are Bartholomew Fatima (Bart).
You are Kahran Ramsus. Give it up, dude. Fei is stronger than you. Heck, he beat God, fer cryin' out loud!
You are Id. Get a grip. I know a very good counselor that could help you get over your problems.
You are Miang (The Weapon). Only way for you to die is for all women to perish. What a pity. What a curse.
You are Krelian. Cut your hair once in a while, man! You look like a girl!
You are Jessiah Blanche (Jessie). Cut back on the booze! You are going to die from stroke if you keep it up!
You are Big Joe (Joe Balboa). Ok, Joe. Now repeat after me: "I am 4000 years old." "I am a sports star." "I am NOT Elvis."
You are Kelvena (Water Element). How DO you see with your eyes closed all the time? o_o
You are Tolone (Wind Element). What happened to your sister to make her so wierd?
You are Seraphita (Fire Element). What happaned to you to make you so wierd?
You are Dominia (Earth Element). Ramsus isn't your savior. You would have been better off sustaining someone else's life as thier food than trying to stop Fei & the gang.
You are Deus (GOD!). What more is there to say, oh mighty master, except: "EET MEEEEE!"