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BooksBooks Poll: What Creature from The Shivered Sky are you?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "What Creature from The Shivered Sky are you?" by TheNavigator.

Choose from this list:

Human - You are a lowly, insignificant human. You tremble at the sight of both angel and demon, and you are destined to live out your existence as either a beast of burden, a sex slave, or a main entrée.
Seraph - You are a mysterious Seraph! The highest ranking angel, and the first angels ever created. Seraphim are the leaders of the angel race, and they are the defenders of the Creator. By far the most powerful angels. It is said their true appearance is so bright, they can not be beheld by even the Cherubim. Their numbers are unknown. Some say as few as four while others say they number in the millions.
Cherub - You are a pious Cherub! Angelic Cherubim are collectors of knowledge. They are the spiritual leaders of Heaven, speaking for the Creator. Said to take two forms, one is that of a common angel, the other a mystery.
Power - You are an almighty Power. Powers are angelic members of the army of Heaven. You are strong, steadfast, and set in your ways. Those who oppose you are crushed with the light of a trillion suns.
Wuj - A terrifying, merciless demon. You appear as a floating dragon head. You have the ability to see into minds and control lesser creatures through suggestion. You are ineffective in battle against a large number of opponents, but almost imperishable one-on-one. You can find work under the Catechist or as a jailer. Other demons are terrified of you.
Dahhak - A common demon that looks very much like a winged human, but taller and thinner. Dahhak have dark, angular features and their wings consist of a thin membrane stretched between long bones. You are a hardworker, and everything you do is for the glory of Moloch, your benevolent God of Blood
Sedim - You are blue skinned and human-sized demon with a long, dexterous tail and membrane wings. The males are extremely rare (only one in 1,000,000 pure births are male) and live almost fifty times the length of the females. Females are known for their voracious sexual appetites and have the ability to cross-breed with many other races, though their litters of mongrel children rarely survive. They have an extremely quick gestation period.
Nidhogg - You are a powerful, intelligent demon. A snake with wings and strong arms. Your quick wit makes you a suitable envoy and ambassador. Though sometimes you are a little quick to anger, and you are woefully inadequate at fighting in groups.
Geyrun - A gentle, peace loving Arch-demon. You are a rotund, red demon that stands about 15 feet tall. Once an important society, the Geyrun's world was defeated long ago by the Overseers and they were enslaved. You probably work as an assistant. You are plagued with a congenital defect that causes you to constantly giggle.
Asag - A demon. You are a giant, dumb mountain of mean. You stand fifteen feet tall and are triangular-shaped with three legs. Your bulk is covered with blinking eyes, and your main purpose in life is to crush things.
Shoal - You are a tiny, annoying sub demon that lives in the forest. You stand about 3 and a half feet tall, and you live in a clan village with others of your family. You have only rudimentary intelligence, and demons and angels like to kill you just for fun.
Charun - You are a mighty Charun! A demon race. Primarily females, you devour the males upon mating. You resemble a large vulture, but have two pairs of rounded wings and powerful, clawed arms. Unmated male Charun are much more intelligent, and often given the task of ferrying souls to and from the Charun underworld.
Daityas - You are a giant Daityas. An intelligent, calm, but powerful demon. You stand at about 13 feet tall, and your hardened skin is impervious to temperature changes. You can not fly. Your long, adroit fingers are perfect for building things. But you?re also well-suited as a military commander. Very few can survive a one-on-one battle with your kind.
Overseer - You are a dominating Overseer! A huge, red horned demon that tends to be morbidly obese. You stand at about thirty feet tall. Your body is covered with sexual organs that must be continuously satisfied, usually by human children slaves. You are a leader of the demon military.
Pazuzu - Behold the mighty Pazuzu, a demon who is living, breathing plague. You stand at nine feet tall, and appear to be half human, half scorpion with mighty wings. One touch from your nails or stinger brings instant death upon your enemies. While not known for intelligence or independence, you hold your own. You are especially feared by angels.
Marid - A shape-shifting demon whose natural form is a black wisp with glowing, hate-filled eyes. You are crafty being who tends to work as a merchant or trader. Once your race was dominate, but the magical powers you once possessed are now gone. You are nothing but a minor race.
Mite - A demon. You are small, like a winged rat, but intelligent. Very common. You attack in deadly swarms. You are a natural leader and tend to think 'out of the box,' but no one ever pays attention to you anyway. Eventually, that will work to your advantage.