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Games & ToysGames & Toys Poll: Which Seibertron RPG character are you
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Which Seibertron RPG character are you" by Philcom.

Choose from this list:

Philcom--Autobot office worker. You worry about many things but inside you are a determined hero loyal to your cause.
STAT-- Autobot femme medic. You help others as much as you can even getting too tired out as a result.
Obsidian--Autobot General. You are most determined to get your way resorting to conflict and even blackmail to get your way. You're too smart.
Strika--Obsidian's protector. You are devoted to one cause and like it. Your mind isn't easly changed.
Blurr--The fastest Autobot. Your good natured and well liked, however there are times that you do get annoying.
The Constructicons--You work well with others, knowing they are nessary to get you work done.
Starod--Annoying Decepticon that wishes he where Starscream. Unfotunatly lacks Leadership qualities but wishs to climb the ladder anyway. Don't annoy those who are in Authority.
Cloudfall--Starod's counterpart, humble, shy, and hard-working. You are just content to watch others make fools out of themselves
Aon--Autobot Math genius. Book knowledge, you got it down! Just you rather not make a big deal about it.
Derin--Decepticon bad dude. This guy controled the Nebulan Goddess and tried to have Unicron's body resurrected. You scheme constantly with a hidden anger of the past deep inside. You dislike everything.
Lt. Green--This is Tigerhawk's "Soul Driver" Devoted to his duty, a soldier through and through. Your distinctly human, devoted to love, your country, and your life.
Wheelie--Autobot message boy. You actually like to annoy others! And you're a fan of Jar Jar Binks. Don't go to far or you'll get smacked
Wheelmus--Matured version of Wheelie. You know how to be annoying but you don't. You where once rejected but you worked your way to the top.
Optimus Prime--the ultimate Autobot leader. You get knocked down and keep coming for more. And if the going gets tough you get tougher
Blackbird--Autobot flyer that keeps to himself. You have a few freinds but others are not your concern. You do respect authority... only if they don't get in the way.
Maximal--Formally Hrakkcus. You never get anything and bad luck seems to follow you. But you don't seem to notice the silver lineing
Javelin--Predacon hunter. Whoa you keep to yourself BIG time, letting bad feelings grow. Unfortunatly you are smart and skilled, nobody better cross you.
Argonmoa--Nebulan Goddess. You love everyone and everything always wanting the best. But your vision perhaps leaves you blind to the true evil around you (Derin)
Predacus--Scheming coniving, is content in even half victories. Always the optimist even when you dreadfully lose. Maybe this is because others usally do the work for you.
Miranda--Teenager. You're sweet, careing, innocent to the piont of being annoying. People feel the need to smile at you and try to slowly move out of the room.