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Role Playing GamesRole Playing Games Poll: Which of My Random Characters Are You?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Which of My Random Characters Are You?" by ChibinoHoshi.

Choose from this list:

Kaos Angel Gemini - a strange, secritive dragon-winged Angel of the Zodiac. Obsessive, depressed and overprotective. Very much a physical fighter - has knocked out Lioran on more than one occasion.
Lioran Angel Capricorn - MALE, for crying out loud! Rules death but doesn't act like he should. Sensitive. Magical rather than a physical fighter.
Hoshi Tensin - Aren't you the nasty one. Very sarcastic, hates people who think they're good at her chosen profession - healing. Odd choice, ne? Slaps people often.
Yohko Hitaku - Loyal, gentle, quiet. Obeys orders. Hates killing, but went into the military because her family expected it of her. Later deserted.
Angel Zero - Just about all-powerful. Sighs a lot. Doesn't want to be what she is, because she remembers having destroyed the universe in a past life. Always trying to keep the people around her from being eaten by demons.
Angel Infinite - Formerly Angel Zero's evil opposite, now has gone over to the good side. Still, she's sometimes possessed to do evil things.
Angel Cosmos - A companion of Zero. The healer of the Angels(Zero, Cosmos and Chaos, not the other three). Highly protective and intellegent.
Angel Chaos - The third member of the Angels, and the fighter. Doesn't speak much and when he does, finishes Cosmos's sentences for him. Doesn't trust many and is very protective of Zero.
Violence - Explosives, flamethrowers and long knives come to mind. Constantly trying to figure out ways to burn houses down. Has a Closet of Doom containing a *huge* collection of assorted weapons.
Decency - Sighs a lot and is constantly telling Violence to behave herself. Often found talking to Cosmos. Considered weird.
Spirit Angel Cancer - Hyper and bouncy. Also, twenty-one years old. A healer. Keeps trying to "help" Kaos snap out of her depression, and Kaos is having none of it.
Chibi-ChibinoHoshi - A kawaii little kid. Awww. You like making cookies and Christmas.
ChibinoHoshi - The inventor of all these odd people. Called evil. Doesn't RP as herself much, and often mutates into Zero in the middle of a RP.
Kittarra - Reading a ::bounce:: sentence from ::bounce:: her is highly ::bounce:: annoying, as::bounce:: she's very bouncy. Hyper and child- like. ChibinoHoshi's Muse.