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MusicMusic Poll: Which Rent song describes your life?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Which Rent song describes your life?" by ReNt HeAd.

Choose from this list:

Rent: You're in trouble, but you don't care, cuz you're not gonna PAY!
One Song Glory: You're sad, you're about to die, and ya want some glory
Light My Candle: You like to flirt, and you live at bar, and constantly drop your stash at other peoples apartments.
Tango: Maureen: You like to either meet you girlfriends current girlfriend and talk about them (and help them fix your ex's equipment)
Out Tonight: You like to go out, you can't sleep in this city of neon and chrome cuz it feels to damn much like home. Meooooow!
Another Day: When people barge into your apartment asking you out, you usually yell at them.
Santa Fe: You'd like to go out west. You hear there are some great resteraunts out west.
Over the Moon: Either you are veryanti-yuppie scum (and an activist) or you just like to moo
La Vie Boheme: Bohemian, perhaps?
Take Me or Leave Me: You want people to take you for who you are because there will always be women in rubber
What You Own: You realized you're doing something really stupid