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ComicsComics Poll: Orange Tear Cubed
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Orange Tear Cubed" by Dark Furre.

Choose from this list:

Rudy- The Boring Main Character
Angle- The Perverted Scientist
Fray- The Upbeat Elven Sorceress
Gapo- The Weird Floating Dragon...Worm-Thing
Carois- The Indecisive Elven Archer
Deaha- The Strict Sword-Dragoness
Davis- The Anxious King of Orisae
Elle- The Disappearing Thief
Crow- The Thoughtless King of Shioryuu
Dokil- The Seductive Bartender
Meghan- The Kind Sweet Wonderful Coma-Striken Princess of Shioryuu
Youll- The Crazy Bloodthirsty Queen of Karmin
Kusu- The Sexy Announcer-Lady
Aru Gebun Ra- The Untrusting Suspicious Fairy Queen
Cliff- The Hygiene-Lacking Insane Dragon