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graphEntertainmentEntertainment Poll: Slayers Personality Quiz
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Slayers Personality Quiz" by Selia.

Choose from this list:

Lina Inverse
Gourry Gabriev
Zelgadiss Greywords
Amelia Wil Tesra Seyruun
Xelloss Metallium
Filia Ul Copt
Rezo the Red Priest
Naga (Wil Tesra Seyruun? I think so)
Kopii Rezo
Martina Whatever-Her-Last-Name-Is
Gaav the Demon Dragon King
Beastmaster Zelas
Valgaav (Vally-girl! ^_^)
Prince Phil
Luna Inverse


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