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PersonalityPersonality Poll: Alter Ego
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Alter Ego" by themysteriousjeffery.

Choose from this list:

Achilles- Noble, implaccable, flawed. A force to be reckoned with!
The Brain (as in The Pinky)- Cunning, persistent and deserving, of success. You legend.
Superman/ I'm Duncan- You're a nob. Nobody really likes you because you can't be killed and you have no personality. And you wear your knickers outside your trousers. Nob.
Jay (as in Silent Bob)- Pretty cool, but at the same time you would not want to be stuck in a room with him for too long.
Van Gogh- Completely nuts. Pretty bloody good though.
Cleopatra- Manipulative and cunning, plus I'll bet she shagged like a minx.
Maggie Thatcher- Battle Axe. People are reluctant to actually admit how good you are, because you are a nob with it.
Machiavelli- Intelligent and not afraid, and a subtle revolutionist.
The Buddha- Calm, spiritual and generally alright guy. Nice one.
John Keats- Fantastic. Good for you.
John Cleese- Bit of a tit, but funny.
Bob Marley- Nuff said.
Hitler- Clever, but ee-vil.
Gandhi- A revolutionary revolutionary. You actually do some good in the world.
Alan Rickman- Bitter Englishman, you know the type.
Rasputin- You may be a bit of a bastard, but you need to be strangled, shot and thrown in a river to be killed, so you are pretty hard.
Catullus- Subversive and passionate.
William Shakespeare
Che Guevara- Hasta la vittore siempre!!!
Jesus- Like Buddha, only thinner. Possibly one of the most alright people ever, but perhaps somewhat misunderstood?