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RecreationRecreation Poll: Which MIFM character are YOU? Hmm?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Which MIFM character are YOU? Hmm?" by Cat.

Choose from this list:

Jonathan (GSK) A kind, generally agreeable sort. Unwilling to be a burden, even to those willing to share it.
Eric (GSK) Quiet, and slightly depressive.
Dr. Kegan Stone (DoNE) Completely insane. Charismatic, but insane. There's also a baby dragon somewhere in your name.
Adrien Darkstar (FW) Wow. You're crazy, vilolent, and bad-tempered, but the world loves you and you know it.
Teren Kurt (FW) You're adventurous. Friendly, lovable, but brave to the point of extreme stupidity.
Calet Raine (FW) Intelligent, if irritable, you see it as your duty to ensure things run well.
Lynk Gamble (FW) A smile makes a great mask, but you're not as optimistic as you seem. You make a point of being the opposite of what they think you are.
Zion (FW, ACB, GSK) Kind, benevolent, and perfect in nearly every way. Okay, screw that "nearly".
Laurel (GSK) A bit of a temper? You're strong-willed and feisty.
Jason (GSK) Always the image of good cheer and fun, you live to entertain. Takes your mind off things.
Siran Silver (FW) A born exhibitionist who loves attention, especially from the opposite sex.
Denadier Of Second Moon (ACB) A bit of a recluse, with your own agenda and the determination to see it through. Just a bit grouchy, that's all.
Kira Skell (FW) Your perfect manners are eclipsed only by your cheer and kindness. Those who don't love you have cavities. Those who DO love you have cavities.