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Movies Poll: League of Extraordinary Gentleman quiz Free Online Polls, Opinion Surveys, Fun Poll Voting Vote
MoviesMovies Poll: League of Extraordinary Gentleman quiz
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "League of Extraordinary Gentleman quiz" by Hotohori.

Choose from this list:

Allan Quartermain-You're rugged and skilled, though a bit jaded. You are also proud of your life, though others may think otherwise
Captain Nemo-You're very helpful and handy, and you are also very noble. You're a bit boring, but are kind.
Mina Harker-You're mysterious and can be very aloof. You like to flirt very much, and are quite talented.
Rodney Skinner-You're sarcastic, and are also sneaky. You come through in a pinch, though you tend to offend others
Dorian Gray-You are charming and a bit of a traitor, and you have a tendancy to evil. Oddly, you are quite romantic
Tom Sawyer-You are young and naive, and idolize people. You are also kind, and will do anything for justice
Dr. Jekyll-You are a bit paranoid and are also cowardly, but you come through and are very capable. You are often persuasive
Moriarty-You are a liar, and will do anything for what you want. You can be arrogant, but are also careful and meticulate