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EntertainmentEntertainment Poll: Which Friend of mine are you?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Which Friend of mine are you?" by KitKat.

Choose from this list:

Katrina- You are definately the weird one!!! One moment you are happy and hugging everyone, the next you're yelling at your friend who won't stop tickling you, then your laughing and bouncing off the walls.
Michelle- You are the major flirt. Boys are probably considered your hobby. You might be a flirt, but you can be a good friend.
Megan- You are the fashion diva, a teddy bear, and a flirt rolled into one. You are a good friend and fun to hang out with.
Alex- You are the artsy one and your drawings show. You are the one to talk to.
Katie- You are the flirtatious teddy bear. You are shy, but wild. You are quiet, but fun to chat with. You make water and oil mix.
Mike- You are the class clown. You are just so fun to talk with. Stay the same.
Micah- You are shy, but you are not to afraid to say what think. You can brighten anyone's day, you like it when others are happy.
JT- You are the funny freak. You are not content with yourself, but you are definately funny even though you disagree.
Chris- You are the skater rocker. You are a flirt and you can get angery easily over grades. Don't let them get to you.
Nolan- You are the annoying smart boy. Many might think you are cute, until they get to know you. You should lighten up and not be so naive.