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Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Kiss of Shadows Dream Man Selector" by Merry Gentry.

Choose from this list:

Sholto- The son of a full-blood sidhe and a nightflier. He's a little cold and distant at first, but he's not a bad guy. Because his father was a nightflier, he has tentacles coming from his torso. Extra appendages aren't a bad thing.
Galen- The son of a pixie and a sidhe handmaiden. A playful man with green skin and hair. Not a big political person but a great friend and cute.
Barinthus- once a god of the sea now one of Queen Andais's guards. He's even got secondary eyelids and webbing between the fingers. Wow.
Nicca- Son of a full blooded sidhe and a demi-fey. Since he was too big to have the little butterfly wings of his father's kind, he only has the pattern of wings on his back.Nicca's the shy and quiet type.
Doyle- the Queen's "Darkness." Called so for his ebony skin and his job as assassin. A loyal but serious personality.
Griffin- once Princess Meredith's consort until he cheated on her with, let's see....everyone! He seems all cute and nice, but he's a two-timer and a fraud. You can really pick 'em.
Frost- once cold, but he's come around. Frost is a romantic creature, though he tried hard not to be. His appearence lives up to his name with metallic silver hair and gray eyes.
Rhys- once a death god, now a guard for Queen Andais. He has only one eye(he lost the other to a goblin). Rhys is playful and loves old movies, especially ones with Humphrey Bogart. Not your average picture of the Grim Reaper.
Cel- oh,my. The queen's son. He's handsome but gosh is he mean. He'll do anything to have the throne. You must like the bad boys.
Roane- exactly what his name says. Roane is...a roane, one of the seal people. His magic seal skin was burned by a fisherman long ago but it was restored by Princess Meredith. He's short but cute and cuddly, like,well, a seal.


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