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ReligionReligion Poll: Hypocritical christian test
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Hypocritical christian test" by Mr.Unknown.

Choose from this list:

Are you an Atheist in Disguise?
Christian But not Hypocritical, this means you believe the bible rules are loose and flexible and don't apply for all.
Quiet Hypocritical, this means you believe the NEW Testaments rules are correct, but Jesus reserved the rules in Leviticus, making it OK for them to be broken (Except the 10 Commandments)
Very Hypocritical and Fundamentalist - Means you take the bible seriously word for word, No matter under what circumstances the bible is always right. (For both Testaments), also you believe it's OK the wage war and destroy cultures in order to spread the word of Christ